By S. K
Fri, 11, 18

You delight in your unending misery. Such, my soul, should be the worth of knowledge...

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To my soul

By Umberto Saba

You delight in your unending misery.

Such, my soul, should be the worth of knowledge,

that your suffering alone should do you good.

Or is the self-deceived the lucky one?

He who cannot ever know himself

or the sentence of his condemnation?

Still, my soul, you are magnanimous;

yet how you thrill to phantom opportunities,

and so are brought down by a faithless kiss.

To me my misery is a bright summer

day, where from high up I can make out

every facet, every detail of the world below.

Nothing is obscure to me; it’s all right there,

wherever my eye or my mind leads me.

My road is sad but brightened by the sun;

and everything on it, even shadow, is in light.

Translated from Italian by Mike Towler


By Laraib Zakir

May your September be light and crisp!

May the light breeze touch you from within

May you look forward to fall

May you forget what your heart can't

But, you know

It's better if you could hold on a little longer

To see if the cinders turn out to be in your favour

To see if the amber dusk brings you serenity

And to hold on enough

To live and die each day.

It’s raining tonight

By Zeba Aziz

It is raining tonight

The raindrops that fall

From the sky

Are the tears, coming

From the eyes of the night.

The thunder that sounds

So high

Is the roar coming

From the throat of the night.

The darkness of it

Shines so bright

The storm is the restless

Soul of it

Struggling to release

Itself from the grief

It has something to

Share with us

It has something

To tell us, tonight

For, it is raining tonight

Lost page

By Abid Agha

Once I used to be the most read page of her diary

She would open, write something then erase

Write again, underline, highlight or colour,

Smiles while reading

Close the page and keep on thinking,

One day,

She threw her diary in the book shelf

And never opened it herself,

I was made history

An unknown mystery


By Mohammad Shahbaz Khan

Deep down inside the glimpse of you

Petrichor captured me

The euphoric scent of it

Lilting me, in the paradise

Floating me, lonely and gently over a stream

Glossy spectators above, palisaded by

Dancing blossoms, colligated with

The scent of grapes made me aphrodisiac

Unbearable and unstoppable

For the moment just to be an end

Let me,

Deep down inside the glimpse of you .

Burning heart

By Maryam Atta

Taking a deep breath,

I close my eyes

And dive in,

To quench the fire


Inside me

Turning my heart,

Into ashes.

They try

To pull me up

But the stones,

Pelting my soul

Pull me under

So I lay

At the bottom

Of a long lost sea;


For the pain

To subside,

For the mind,

To conquer,

The heart

And sleep

To take me


Compiled by SK

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