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Fri, 11, 18

I am a new reader and my introduction to Us magazine was its issue of October 19....


Dear Ed,

I am a new reader and my introduction to Us magazine was its issue of October 19. I am a medical student, and I am sure you understand that medical students don’t get a lot of chill time.

What compelled me to find time to wrote to you was the story ‘A cup of tea’ by Nirmeen Maroof. There were a couple of off things in it like the nurse telling the students they were wanted by ‘Dr Bashir in ICU’ - seriously? I am sure medical students would realise what I mean instantly.

However, the story itself was really good. How doctors are taught to fight for their patient’s life, and how they learn to compartmentalise their lives as doctors and humans is something a layman cannot understand. I think many readers would have termed the medical students, thinking about their tea, insensitive ... inhuman perhaps. They cannot understand the level of stress a doctor has to deal with, which is something this story brought home to me. Good job, Nirmeen!

I also loved the cover story ‘Countering fake news’ by SG. It was an interesting read and something we all can relate with. Keep up the good work!

Moeed Siddiqui, Karachi

Hey Ed,

Finally a light cover story! It seems you have realised that we love our showbiz stars and are always famished for stuff about them. This week’s (Oct 26) was simply amazing. The childhood pictures of the stars were super cute, and I got 8 answers right! And, this idea was good too. Rock on, Sameen; you made my day.

Beenish Ahmed, Lahore


Hello Team Us,

Where can I send my poetry?

Amna Sohail

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Narrated by Sad (R.A)

The Prophet (S.A.W) visited me at Mecca while I was ill. I said (to him), “I have property; May I bequeath all my property in Allah’s Cause?” He said, “No.” I said, “Half of it?” He said, “No.” I said, “One third of it?” He said, “One-third (is alright), yet it is still too much, for you’d better leave your inheritors wealthy than leave them poor, begging of others. Whatever you spend will be considered a Sadaqa for you, even the mouthful of food you put in the mouth of your wife. Anyhow Allah may let you recover, so that some people may benefit by you and others be harmed by you.”

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 64, Number 266

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