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What’s coming up in music

Instep Today
By Maheen Sabeeh
Tue, 11, 18

Coke Studio and Pepsi Battle of the Bands may be done with but a lot more is happening in music. Instep tracks some of it down…

Here’s a cursory look at what’s been happening in the music scene, as disjointed as it may be, there’s a lot to be hopeful about and grateful for.

Our story begins with Sounds of Kolachi, who also made their European debut several days ago in Rome, Italy. After Khumariyaan’s Paris gig, and Rudoh and Alien Panda Jury’s Bangkok debut, this is great news.

But even as things in the last several days have been distorting the mind to say the least, a lot more is coming up, beginning with a festival.

The Lost Path, presented by The Decibel Collective (TDC) is coming to Pakistan. An art, music and adventure festival, it will host a stage from Soundistan, in collaboration with TDC, as well as others. The event is set to feature local music heroes such as Rudoh, Tollcrane, Bilal Brohi and many more alongside international artists. Scheduled to take place later this month, on November 10, at Kallar Kahar in Pakistan, The Lost Path will have three stages including one from Soundistan, one from Multiverse and one from Shotbox and will begin at 3:00pm. Expect to see artists from UK, USA, Bangkok and of course, Pakistan.

As for the rest of it, Khumariyaan have confirmed that they are releasing their debut album in 2018. But before they do that, the band is scheduled to play a Salt Arts show in Karachi on November 14. At the moment, they are also deciding on how to release the album, including which platform to release it on and whether it should it be released as a USB.

Poor Rich Boy, one of Pakistan’s most revered music groups, currently on their third album, have also confirmed to Instep that their third album, Almost Tuesday will be released this year. The band’s present line-up includes Zain Ahsan (guitarist/producer), Umer Khan (vocalist, lyricist), Sameer Ahmed (bassist) and Ibrahim Akram aka Iba (drums). In addition, the artist known as Gentle Robot (whose name is Ibrahim Imdad) is also featured on the third record.

Speaking to Instep, Zain Ahsan from the group, who is also the producer for the record, confirmed the news and stated: “We’re working at Mekaal’s [Hasan] but I’m mixing, producing and engineering it.”

Having released three songs from the upcoming album, Almost Tuesday, the band has also released singles in between including their first Urdu single, ‘Tootay Huay Admi’, and a single called ‘Thistle’. As Zain explained it at length, “These are not a part of the album. We recorded a bunch of songs last year and now we’re just basically putting some in the album as they’re shaping up.

The others don’t sit with the theme of the album. They might later on go in a separate EP. Another small Urdu EP is being made out of which ‘Tootay Huay Admi’ has been released. I’m about to release another single, called ‘Kaghazi’. Jimmy Khan’s EP is also scheduled to release, which I’m producing. Following that, the Urdu single will be released. There’s a lot of work I’ll be putting out that I have been working on.”

The Jimmy Khan EP, a Punjabi one, will appear soon from the artist who recently traveled to Amman, Jordan, to perform at a gig.

The band that didn’t win Pepsi Battle of the Bands but should have, Xarb, is getting its EP/album produced from none other than Zain Ahsan so that should be good.

If that isn’t enough, Mughal-e-Funk is scheduled to release their debut EP containing 5-6 songs this year, as is Chand Tara Orchestra, who are currently shooting a music video for their upcoming single, ‘Rung De’. That will also mark the announcement of the arrival of the album.

CTO member Babar Sheikh has also announced Paanch – The Mixtape in collaboration with Ahsan Bari and Wajiha Naqvi. Artists roped in for the platform so far that will produce five original songs include CTO, Sounds of Kolachi and most recently Natasha Baig. More announcements to follow.

The D/A Method have released their second video called ‘Dream Sequence’ after the stunning ‘The Desert Journey’ that won them an LSA nomination.

Not a group that can be counted out, Strings, having released five music videos from their newest record, 30, have three more tracks to go with ‘Chalpara’ being the next single, with a music video they are shooting in Istanbul, Turkey.

Rushk, having united with their original singer, Nazia Zuberi Hassan, released the single ‘To Ja’ this year and plan to release at least two more.

Artists who have announced new records include Josh and Umair Jaswal, with the latter having released a music video as well. Janoobi Khargosh also have a music video scheduled to release on November 10 while their newest work, Cpt. Space EP, featuring five tracks is also out and can be found on SoundCloud.