A 50 building wide mural painted by French-Tunisian artist eL Seed in Cairo’s Garbage City

A lane-way hidden beneath churches of Coptic Cairo surrounded by books, art, music, and the chatter of hookah-smoking shopkeepers.

A worker at Alexandria’s Citadel of Quaitbay, switches between her two roles.

The dynamic flurry of Khan el Khalili will swiftly sweep you off your feet.

The jovial shopkeepers are always ready to offer free products from their shops as a gesture of love to foreigners.

The 614 ft structure of Cairo Tower gives the best view of the city overlooking the vibrant Zamalek vicinity just beside the River Nile.

Garbage City in the heart of Cairo, possesses a complete economy that relies merely upon the collection and recycling of trash.

The holy site of Mount Moses at St. Katherine is where Moses [Musa] received his Ten Commandments.

An Alexandrian fisherman escapes a sturdy tide of the Mediterranean Sea.